When I was a kid, right up until the age of about 15, I kept daily diaries.  I love reading back through them, they’re a treasure trove of forgotten memories and amusement , and there’s just something quaint about them. The last decade however, has not been documented in any way (save for Facebook) and for the sake of middle aged me I feel I should start keeping diaries again. I have this rosy vision of little old me reading back through my life as told in my own words and smiling a little old lady smile to myself (don’t tell me that sites go bust and so might my blog, let me be in my happy place). A blog/diary (blogiary?) also has the benefit of pictures and actual legible text, plus it will serve to hold me accountable for The Knitting.

The Knitting?

Yes my friends, the never ending, all consuming, obsessive, bordering on a problem, knitting. I am forever casting on new things and dropping them the second a new pattern so much as blinks in my general direction. At least if I’m documenting my projects I may feel some form of shame (maybe, no promises) that spurs me on to actually finish something.
Thus, without further ado, I present to you my current pile of projects.


That would be two stockings, a Celestarium, and two baby jackets hidden underneath. All of this is being completely neglected despite being overflowing right next to where I work every evening (selective sight is a wonderful thing). Today is a wonderful English day, meaning buckets of rain are pouring down upon me, and I fully intend to use the time sat inside drinking tea to Get Something Finished. Watch this space.