Seeking Balance

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m quite a positive person. I try my absolute best to see the sunny side of everything, but some days, some days are sent to test me.
I present to you Reasons Why Yesterday Was An Absolute Bust:

  1. I woke up at 3am and despite my best efforts could not get back to sleep. Being a woman who values her sleep only getting 4 hours of it was heartbreaking.
  2. I finished and blocked the two stockings from my WIP pile, but forgot to take pictures before I mailed them off to their recipients so I have no proof, and thus no blog post.
  3. I was late to university because of the HUGE thronging crowds doing their Christmas shopping.
  4. When I got home the dog was so happy to see me that he peed all over the kitchen floor.
  5. I mopped it up and called him back to me, he peed again.
  6. Repeat x2.
  7. I’d forgotten that said dog needed food for the weekend (mother of the year right here), so he and I got on the bus up to the dog food place. This was a pleasant part of the day, he was well behaved for the whole hour of our journey.
  8. When we got off the bus, the puppy did a poop on the pavement. As I was picking it up a woman came out of her house and started screeching at me ‘how would you like it if he did it outside your house??’ Pointing out that he was my dog and has done it INSIDE my house made matters worse. I told her I couldn’t control where he poops, when you gotta go you gotta go, but at least I was picking it up and not just leaving it to be stood in. She flipped me off and went back inside.
  9. Dog and I bought his food, were advised by the people in the shop that ‘that woman is crazy’ and went back to our bus stop. This is where I discovered that I had lost my bus pass. We retraced our steps to no avail. With me being a student and having about 20p spare, this was a huge problem. We were a good 1.5 hours walk from home, which is fine for me but Dexter is only 5 months old, so that was a no go. None of my friends drive and my parents were working, thankfully my dad used his break to come and get me.
  10. Dad’s break wasn’t for another hour, so we waited for him in the freezing December rain.

When we got home, 2 hours later than anticipated, all I could manage to do was kick my shoes off and flop into my chair with some tea. I’m a firm believer that the universe seeks balance, and for every bad thing there is a good thing, so I took solace in the fact that someone, somewhere had an absolutely awesome day.
To balance the blog negativity, here’s a picture of my puppy being handsome and adorable

(look at those ears, I can’t hardly stand it)

Today’s plan is to drink an absurd amount of tea and go rummaging through my stash to find some yummy fibre to play with. I’m thinking alpaca.



When I was a kid, right up until the age of about 15, I kept daily diaries.  I love reading back through them, they’re a treasure trove of forgotten memories and amusement , and there’s just something quaint about them. The last decade however, has not been documented in any way (save for Facebook) and for the sake of middle aged me I feel I should start keeping diaries again. I have this rosy vision of little old me reading back through my life as told in my own words and smiling a little old lady smile to myself (don’t tell me that sites go bust and so might my blog, let me be in my happy place). A blog/diary (blogiary?) also has the benefit of pictures and actual legible text, plus it will serve to hold me accountable for The Knitting.

The Knitting?

Yes my friends, the never ending, all consuming, obsessive, bordering on a problem, knitting. I am forever casting on new things and dropping them the second a new pattern so much as blinks in my general direction. At least if I’m documenting my projects I may feel some form of shame (maybe, no promises) that spurs me on to actually finish something.
Thus, without further ado, I present to you my current pile of projects.


That would be two stockings, a Celestarium, and two baby jackets hidden underneath. All of this is being completely neglected despite being overflowing right next to where I work every evening (selective sight is a wonderful thing). Today is a wonderful English day, meaning buckets of rain are pouring down upon me, and I fully intend to use the time sat inside drinking tea to Get Something Finished. Watch this space.