Thinking Deep Thoughts

Things are pretty boring over here blog-wise at the moment, spending all of my time with my nose buried in textbooks and lecture notes doesn’t lend itself well to getting much knitting done. I present you with my one finished mudkip sock

West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply in ‘Kingfisher’, plain sock pattern from my head

and this question: Why don’t more men knit? I’ve met men aplenty who have liked my knitting, some have asked to do a stitch or two on a sock, but when I’ve offered to teach them to knit the response is always a ‘thanks, but no.’ Why? When my younger brother was around six years old he asked me to teach him, and I did and he enjoyed it, but he quickly stopped when his ‘friends’ teased him for it, according to them knitting is for girls.

Where does this stigma that knitting is for sweet old women come from? Very few of the knitters I know personally are older than their 30s, I myself am only 24, and I’m not sure many of us would be typified as ‘sweet’.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I met a man who liked knitting, wanted to talk to me about fibre and go to yarn festivals with me, my knickers would hit the floor faster than he could knit a stitch. Power to the male knitters.


3 thoughts on “Thinking Deep Thoughts”

  1. “my knickers would hit the floor faster than he could knit a stitch.”
    Hahaha, brilliant!

    Beautiful socks by the way. I love the colours. I need to learn how to make socks, I’m so behind the times at this point.

    I’m not sure where the stigma came from that knitting is only for sweet old ladies, especially considering it used to be men who did the knitting before women did. I have only known about 1 or 2 men who knit as well. Such a shame.


    1. They’re very easy! It’s basically just a tube with a little bit of faff for a heel, they’re really good for taking on the bus/train/TV knitting. I often whip out the ‘men did it first!’ argument, though that often earns me a pat on the head and a ‘you’re so cute’. I think perhaps I’ll shave my hair into a mohawk, dye it bright pink, cover myself in tattoos and knit in public. See who’s cute then.

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      1. I’ll have to give them a go. I have so many sock yarns in my stash so I don’t really have an excuse not to really.

        And lol, like that I’m sure you’d look badass! Btw, you have twitch I read? My username on there is Njia. We should be buddies! \o/

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