When I opened my door this morning, I swore and went back inside to put more layers on. My entire city was engulfed in freezing fog rolling in off the Irish Sea. I’ve never seen anything like it, I’ve seen cold, but not fog that freezes on your skin.
Still, I am a knitter and we do not fear the cold for we are well equipped. Swathed in merino, I went and waited for my bus to go and sit in a freezing cold exam hall where they informed me that I was not allowed to wear my hat and mittens in case I cheated. It was an open book test, we had our notes in there with us. Honestly, sometimes I question whether exam invigilators are people or robots that sometimes malfunction.

Exam completed, I returned home and bumped into my postman who gifted me with my mystery yarn for January. Wanna see?


I love it. I was just thinking I wanted to make some Melisandre socks but didn’t have any yarn suited and this skein is absolutely perfect. Also included was this sweet stitch marker


One of the reasons I adore Dina’s monthly yarn box is that she puts a lot of thought into it. She doesn’t just ship out random skeins of yarn willy nilly, each box has a theme and a little letter from her explaining it. This month she writes:

“This month’s theme is Valentine’s Day. It’s all about Love and Hearts and our Special Person. Are you ready and prepared? This yarn is called Sometimes Love Hurts. The colorway is meant to show you that not one Love story is without that black spot.”

How lovely is that? Somehow the fact that the yarn almost has a story behind its colours endears it even further to me, maybe I’m just a big softie.

P.S. When I went to collect my brother from school the fog was gone and it was warm enough to not need a coat, living in this country is confusing.


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