A Lesson In Self-Control

(And my lack thereof)

I had my first of 3 exams today (it went fine, thank you), and after I’d finished I went to the yarn shop to get my fix obtain buttons for the purple cardie and the cabled cardie. The buttons were procured no problem


But then I had a falling down in the yarn department.


That would be a West Yorkshire Spinners signature 4ply in all the colours of a Mudkip that I just couldn’t resist, which started the domino effect (think “well I’ve already ruined my diet with that one biscuit, may as well finish the packet”). Before I knew what was going on I was at the till paying for two other balls, one a rainbow that speaks to my teenage self, and one the colour of red wine which speaks to my twenty-something self. And as if buying 3 balls on impulse wasn’t bad enough, to get to the yarn I had to actually go downstairs from the button place, through some double doors and into the separate yarn place. On purpose. This of course means that I made it a whopping 16 days of knitting only from stash, I am a woman of absolutely no self-control. I’m trying to justify it to myself with the reasoning that January in England is a horrible, cold, grey month, and I needed some colour in my life before I went mad, but we all know I’m just an addict.


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