The Scope of Things

Are you prepared for my list of UFOs that need an embarrassingly small amount of work doing to them? Oh boy.


Profanity Mittens. Needs: right mitten knitting, blocking, weaving in.

Lace scarves. Needs: blocking, weaving in

Assorted hats. Needs: Bobbles sewing on, blocking, weaving in


The lovely cables and moss stitch baby cardigan. Needs: buttons, blocking, weaving in.


Keams baby pullover. Needs: buttons, blocking, weaving in.


The purple baby cardie from Hell. Needs: hood and button bands knitting, seaming up, buttons, blocking, weaving in.


Fake cable cowl. Needs: blocking, weaving in.

It totally turns out that I am a bad finisher. Love knitting, love making lovely things, can never be bothered to do all the finicky bits before they’re actually wearable. I think it says a lot about me that despite the fact that I could just block some stuff and have several finished projects, I’m going to knit the hood of the purple cardie instead.
Some of us never learn.


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