No Loud Noises

Please do not startle the knitter.
I have been completely and utterly wiped out by a Killer Cold from Hell, the only response to which is to sit quietly watching Bob Ross on Twitch and knitting little hats to de-stash.

img_0292apparently I am obsessed with hats having bobbles, it is beyond me to leave one off

On the plus side, this is contributing greatly towards my knitting resolutions of finishing all the UFOs sat around my room and knitting only from stash (excluding the sock yarn club, that is a drug I cannot quit). On the con side, what I should be doing is revising for my January exams but as my brain feels like it’s about 75% fuzz, this is an impossibility.
Tomorrow, providing I have not succumbed to my illness, updates on the Big Bag of Things I’ve Ignored and a public confession to the severity of my ‘finishing’ laziness.  Can’t wait.


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